Snuff tobacco has been enjoyed for over five centuries by people of the most varied origin and social rank. These included, and include, Catherine of Medici, Friedrich von Schiller, Napoleon, or former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, for instance. These are just a few of the prominent personalities one might mention. Together with approximately 1 million other consumers in Germany, they value the special qualities of this luxury pinch. Snuff tobacco is smokeless tobacco that bothers no one, is environmentally friendly and can be taken anywhere – on the job, in train stations and airports, in the cinema or in smoke-free restaurants. Snuff tobacco also offers an ideal alternative to smoking. The smallest pinches of snuff provide the greatest enjoyment when they are sniffed very gently. In a few seconds a refreshing tingle sets in. Whether the snuff is taken from the back of the hand or the fingertips is immaterial. What is important is the pleasure that follows.

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