BACKWOODS was launched in the USA in 1981. Unique product proposition: 100% natural, moist and broadleaf. Unique packaging and branding departing from traditional cigars. Short product range with heavy recognizable flavors. Rough cigar – ultimate quality leaf.
Wrapper: The most important component of any cigar, this outermost leaf is chosen for its appearance in color.
Backwoods have 100% un-processed high quality natural tobacco wrapper. A mild tasting dark tobacco leaf aged for at least 8 months to bring out its full flavor. This special aging process creates a uniquely mild taste, and the tobacco we use is the same quality found in some of our most expensive cigars.
Filler: Backwoods filler tobacco is short filler specially selected for its flavor.
Moisture: Backwoods foil pouch protects the cigar’s high moisture content.