DANNEMANN has a long tradition as an international manufacturer of cigars and cigarillos. Geraldo Dannemann, the company founder, emigrated to Brazil in 1872 to devote himself to tobacco – his great passion.
This original cigar-making manufacturer has grown into an international corporation. Dannemann’s premium cigars and cigarillos are now produced and processed in several countries, and are sold in over 60 countries throughout the world, with 2 tobacco growing operations: Brazil and Indonesia, 7 production sites around the globe, 15 company locations with offices worldwide.
Today, the DANNEMANN name is synonymous with uncompromising quality – “from seed to smoke”.


MOODS, the international brand takes the first place in the segment of premium cigarillos in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, and second place worldwide.
Launched in 1994, MOODS were the first “aromatic cigarillo” and continue to define and innovate the aromatic category today. Crafted from the finest Virginia, oriental and tropical tobaccos and rolled in a premium tobacco leaf for a distinctive, aromatic smoke that is uniquely MOODS.

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