POЕSCHL TABAK is the world’s largest producer of snuff tobacco and the leading independent German manufacturer of tobacco products focuses on quality and further internationalization. The Pоеschl Tobacco Group, comprising not only the parent Company, but also the 15 international subsidiaries and associated companies engaged purely in sales activities, generated consolidated sales revenues of around EUR 650 million. The group of companies, for which worldwide more than 930 employees work, is run by the fourth generation of the family. Poеschl stands for uncompromised quality of its products enjoyed by millions of loyal consumers around the world.

Managing Director Engineer Patrick Engels
and Engineer Katharina Pоеschl

Pоеschl Headquarters in Geisenhausen


PUEBLO is international fast-growing brand for cigarettes and smoking tobacco, market leader in the segment of additive-free tobacco and cigarettes. No additives such as humectants, preservatives or flavourings are used in the processing of high-quality tobaccos, treat only with water.
PUEBLO has very positive development and continuously rising sales since the market launch in Germany, Italy, Spain and other European countries with a tremendous growth of the brand‘s market potential.
The brand PUEBLO stands for originality and nature as the Pueblo Indians themselves.

Pueblo Pink

RED BULL is an international brand for cigarettes and smoking tobacco, well-known for its premium tobacco quality, special selections of bright Virginia, light air-cured Burley, dark-fired Kentucky, and Oriental tobaccos.

Pipe-smoking is a culture in itself, for many contemporaries even a way of life. This is particularly evident in the relationship between pipe lovers and pleasure and time. After all, the procedure of pipe-smoking brings numerous enjoyment experiences. From buying a new pipe which corresponds to one’s own ideas regarding style and flavour, through the selection of a new type of tobacco, to the careful tamping and subsequent smoking of the pipe. It is also these features which make the pipe smoker stand out from the crowd compared to cigarette smokers. This classic pipe tobacco blend composed of premium tobaccos from all over the world obtains its characteristic taste from the perfect harmony of aromatic leaf tobaccos and exotic flavour.

Hand-selected Virginia tobaccos and high-graded, double-fermented Black Cavendish. The unusual combination of granulated and wild cut results in a unique premium pipe tobacco. Natural fruit aromas complete this exquisite product.